Author Interview – Elizabeth Lim (one of my favourite authors)🌷

“Seize the wind. Don’t become the kite that never flies.”

I am so happy that I was able to do an interview with Elizabeth Lim! Her two books (which I fell in love with) were “The Blood of Stars” duology. It has such beautiful writings and gorgeous covers of course! I’ll always follow her journey through her books and I’m definitely waiting for her next book: Six Crimson Canes.

*Since Elizabeth Lim is a busy author and she was on a deadline (when she answered my questions), this will be a small interview.*

Becky: How did you get the names for your characters?

Elizabeth: Most of the characters’ names are entirely made up. Maia Tamarin’s name came from an opera I wrote when I was in music grad school, and I based the sound of many of the characters’ names around hers to create the world of A’landi.

Becky: Where did you get the idea from?

Elizabeth: Spin the Dawn is inspired by my grandmother, who was a seamstress for many years after moving to the United States, as well as some of my favorite fairy tales: Donkeyskin, Aladdin, the Cowherd and the Weaver, and East of the Sun.

Becky: When did you first realize you wanted to become an author?

Elizabeth: I grew up wanting to become a composer actually, and though I’ve been writing since childhood, I didn’t set out to try and become an author until I was in grad school! It’s never too late to follow (or change!) your dreams.

Becky: What is your schedule like when you’re writing?

Elizabeth: I have 2 young children now, so I write whenever they let me lol. I try to write in the afternoon when they’re napping and at night when they’re asleep.

Becky: Any tips you would like to give to fantasy aspiring authors?

Elizabeth: My advice is more general towards anyone aspiring to be a writer: I’d say the most important thing is to get words down and write the book – the hardest thing is to finish writing a book from start to finish, but it’s also the first step. Also, read as much as you can, and learn from authors you both like and dislike.

Becky: What do you think makes a good story?

Elizabeth: Personally, I love stories where I grow to care deeply about the characters and am still thinking about them even after the story is finished!

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Have you read any of her books? Thank you for reading!

19 thoughts on “Author Interview – Elizabeth Lim (one of my favourite authors)🌷

  1. I really enjoyed reading this author interview, Becky! I have two young children too, so I definitely related to what Elizabeth Lim said about getting all her work done her kids are asleep haha.

  2. Ahhh it’s so cool you had the chance to interview Elizabeth Lim!! I love your questions and her answers 🥰 I ADORED Spin the Dawn when I read it this year, I can’t wait to get around to the sequel! And obviously Six Crimson Cranes is one of my most anticipated releases 😍 Great interview, Becky!!! ❤️

  3. Wow this is so incredible Becky! I just finished Spin the Dawn a week ago and it was so beautiful ahhh… This interview was so insightful… I especially loved finding about her inspiration and recognising some of the fairytales/folktales she mentioned… YES SIX CRIMSON CRANES can’t come soon enough!

    • thank you cherelle! and yes, spin the dawn had so many beautiful insight + thoughts and really, i had a fun time reading her answers as well as making up the questions! SIX CRIMSON CRANES is one of the books of my ‘can’t wait books in 2021’

  4. This is really cool!! I love her books and it’s awesome you got the chance to interview her!! Can’t wait for Six Crimson Cranes!

  5. i’m so glad (and jealous) you got to interview one of your favourite authors, becky!! this post just made me even more excited to check out elizabeth lim’s books! loved reading this interview 💖

  6. ahh you’re so lucky that you got to interview one of your favourite authors!! i haven’t read any of elizabeth lim’s books yet, but all of them sound like so much fun, and hopefully, i get a chance to read them soon!! i loved reading through this interview!! 💖

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